I have immense experience working as a producer across the BBC on breaking news stories as well as longer term projects.

Here are just some highlights but please contact me for more.


Audio Highlights

I have worked as a producer for Radio 1 Newsbeat, Radio 5Live and flagship programme Newshour on BBC World Service Radio. I was the voice of the BBC Innovators Africa partnership collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on BBC World Service radio. I also have experience doing two-ways for BBC Business programmes and being interviewed for podcasts.

Donor heart gives gift of life for three decades

John McCafferty, the world's longest-living heart transplant recipient, has died 33 years after his operation. His surgeon, Sir Magdi Yacoub, said that he hadn't thought the donor heart would last more than five years. John's wife, Ann, said that they had had a wonderful life together but that John had been very ill before his operation.

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Trying to solve the mystery of the three hares

Ever spotted this motif of three hares in a circle? The trio appear in medieval churches in rural England, Buddhist temple caves in China, and on the back of an Islamic coin; but does anyone know why? Art historian Sue Andrew is the co-author of The Three Hares: A Curiosity Worth Regarding which examines these very mysterious hares.

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Brothel owner defends children's charity fundraiser

Should a brothel be allowed to raise money for a children's charity? Nicky Hughes, a mum-of-three, and the owner of Shh..The Adult Fun Spot, believes she's just doing a good thing.

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How a bear, lion and tiger became friends

Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger and Leo the lion have been best friends since they were found during a drug raid in a basement in America. It’s not natural for these very different beasts to be in such close proximity, but Allison Hedgecoth, who helps look after them, says their incredible bond bypasses all their differences.

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Documentary Highlights

I was a researcher and producer at BBC Panorama – the world’s longest running news television programme. This helped me hone my investigation and current affairs skills.  I also worked for for Insight News Television as a researcher investigating global social impact stories on a range of subjects including rehabilitation, women’s health and child labour for a range of organisations.

Who will save the savers?

A programme investigating the cryptic world of savings and pensions. Working with business journalists, this was a role involving logistics and arranging location shoots including a public roadshow, and also deep-diving and analysing financial and historical data.

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Whatever happened to people power?

A programme focusing on policing, protests and democracy, my role involved sourcing exceptional case studies, documenting a demonstration, finding hidden archive material using my  investigative skills and writing a feature for the BBC website.

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Who'd be an NHS whistleblower?

A programme investigating the reality of NHS whistleblowing culture. We focused on what happened to a nurse who took part in covert filming for public interest purposes. I was involved with fact-checking, assistant producing, devising creative concepts and taking notes at the tribunal.

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Cotton story

Working with Simon Ostrovsky, I was the primary researcher for this 15-minute award-nominated Insight News feature about child labour in Uzbekistan which aired on BBC Newsnight. The film's impact led to a major sea-change in global companies and the transparency of their supply chains.

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Visual Storytelling

I have extensive experience in this field and have produced and presented several reports. I have live two-way experience and have a multitude of films spanning a wide variety of genres in my portfolio. I have international field experience and have also been asked to judge digital short films for festivals. I also have an inherent understanding of how to disseminate the films to gain maximum impact and have been lauded for my skills in making stories achieve high profile engagement.

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