I harness the power of human-centred storytelling to create change and can offer many different services. What do you need?

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Consultancy & Expertise


Columnist, global news producer, writer, investigations and leading huge multilingual storytelling projects; you name it – I can do it and help you do it too.


I am an accredited relational dynamics coach and enjoy encouraging clients to take ownership of their own talents to become the strongest version of themselves.

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Host and Presenter

I am an experienced host and presenter. I am listed with speaking agencies but can also be contacted directly for motivational and inspirational talks about resilience, succeeding despite obstacles and more. I can facilitate and moderate discussion panels as well as films, training modules and workshops.


I can help you tell your story, understand what makes a narrative resonate, figure out how to target your key audience and more. I created a role of storytelling development producer at the BBC which brought different silos together with a common goal.


Specialist in digital verification, real news training, forensic storytelling newsgathering for major breaking news and longer investigations. I have more than a decade’s experience debunking fake news and tackling disinformation and misinformation.


I am a digital detective skilled in using open source intelligence techniques to uncover hidden information. I have worked on many BBC investigations and am experienced in this field. I can dig deep into the internet archives for case studies thought lost to the past, find people via their digital footprint and lots more.

Nature-Based Solutions

I am one of the first cohort to study for and pass the International Union for the Conservation of Nature professional certificate in assessing the global standard for Nature-based Solutions. With this concept becoming ever more prevalent, I can help you understand it.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

As an ethnically marginalised woman who went to a state school before being educated at Oxford University and then becoming a journalist in newspapers and the BBC, I have a lot of experience when it comes to understanding social mobility, inequity, race, and womanhood - all hot topics of DEI. I often am asked to speak to the subjects.


I have experience subbing stories for the BBC News website, blogging, working on my own HYTA newsletter, writing press releases, editing and proofing stories on a wide variety of subjects. I am a clean, crisp copywriter who can help you with your content whatever the medium.

Mental Health

A qualified mental health first aider and someone who has undertaken significant training when it comes to understanding vicarious trauma and how it has developed among journalists, I come with a sensitive perspective around stories of resilience.

Social Media

I’m well-versed in social media storytelling – from identifying to then delivering a story with impact. I’ve built social media presences for major brands and charities at an accelerated scale. I ran the BBC News LinkedIn account solo and made it grow four-fold.


Skilled at creating and delivering global workshops remotely and in-person on a variety of subjects including verification, networking, investigations and social storytelling. Clients include the BBC, Dart Centre, Rotary International, global universities.

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Dhruti is an incredibly hard worker and a brilliant story-teller. She is very creative and has a track record of innovative work in journalism and exploring new ways of using digital platforms to reach new audiences.

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