I have recognised expertise in the arena of verification and debunking fake news due to the breadth of my experience with the BBC’s User Generated Content Hub. This is a team which is often the first port of call for witnesses, video, and verification of breaking news events across the world. This often involves viewing graphic, raw images and hearing and recording testimonies of people who are in the midst of confusion whether it is through war, disaster or emergencies. It also involves examining viral content and cross-referencing images purporting to show events – this has enhanced my forensic investigation skills.

I have presented and taken part in several international and national conferences to present on the art of verification and teach interested parties about how to do it. These include Turin’s Prix Italia, News:Rewired London, RevealEU Greece, Rotary Peace Centre Thailand, Global Education Oregon and many more. I have been interviewed for various publications regarding my expertise. My training material has also been described as “verification gold” on social media.

I have worked as an investigative journalist since the start of my career – at a local, national and international level. I have worked for leaders in this field such as BBC Panorama – the world’s longest running current affairs documentary programme, and investigative production company Insight News Television. I have also honed my skills while working for the BBC News website.

All my work is thorough due to my enhanced training in this forensic world.