Dhruti Shah speaks to inspiring guests about how they use their passions to shape their lives.

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Journalist Erika Benke became so enamoured by the happiest country in the world that she upped sticks and moved there permanently, but is Finland really utopia?

Emilie Prattico is an author, philosopher and climate change specialist but how did becoming a first-time mother change the way she thinks about our world and its future?

Gabi Fleury is a conservation biologist and an 'interspecies diplomat' But how do they use games to help educate the world about human-wildlife conflict?

Dog lover Jamillah Knowles is on a mission to change the way that people see artificial intelligence but where will her drawings, and her love of math, take us?

Jackie Hueftle's passion for climbing led to her company Kilter Grips but what is it about writing and animal gifs that help her navigate life?

Refilwe Ledwaba loves learning new things but with South Africa's first black female helicopter pilot already a pioneer in so much, what life lesson have a pair of chopsticks taught her?

Welcome to Have You Thought About... This podcast is for those at a reckoning. Host Dhruti Shah is a writer, journalist and poet who loves to find out more about passions people are pursuing and how that gives them an interdisciplinary life.

For this season, these pretty cool people include South Africa's first female helicopter pilot, an AI and illustration pioneer, international journalists, businesswomen, a conservation biologist, and even a modern-day philosopher.

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