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As well as being described as a new voice in nature-writing for my poetry, my nature/business book and articles examining the environment around us, I am also qualified in assessing Nature-based Solutions.

My history as an investigative journalist and one focused on due diligence and verification is useful here.

In 2021 I studied for Professional Certificate on the International Union for Conservation and Nature’s Global Standard for Nature-based-Solutions™. I passed the exams and assessment with 100% following the intense scholarship programme and am one of the first cohort trained in this particular programme. The qualification lasts for four years.

Nature-based Solutions are important in society and tie into CSR, environmental and sustainability needs. They focus on actions which benefit the environment but also society.

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Dhruti is an incredibly hard worker and a brilliant story-teller. She is very creative and has a track record of innovative work in journalism and exploring new ways of using digital platforms to reach new audiences.

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