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Finding the Beauty in Music and Education

Award-winning author Professor Nate Holder plays multiple instruments and regularly tours but why does he think it’s important to decolonise and change the way we learn about music?

Integrity, Journalism and Cat Whispering

Freelance journalist Sheetal Parmar relies on the power of integrity and is also known to be a bit of a cat whisperer. But how does her love of The Terminator fit into all of this?

From Saris to Sustainable Periodwear

Ruby Raut’s journey to becoming a successful businesswoman with her periodwear company WUKA is a complicated one but how did old saris help her reach her goals?

Drag Curves, Chopsticks and Breaking Barriers

Refilwe Ledwaba loves learning new things but with South Africa’s first black female helicopter pilot already a pioneer in so much, what life lesson have a pair of chopsticks taught her?

Have You Thought About

Welcome to Have You Thought About… This podcast is for those at a reckoning. Host Dhruti Shah is a writer, journalist and poet who loves to find out more about passions people are pursuing and how that gives them an interdisciplinary life. For this season, these pretty cool people include South Africa’s first female helicopter …

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