Captivate Podcasts

How to Make Friends When Moving Overseas

Ali Shaw is a senior producer working at the BBC. But is foreign news producing as glamourous as it sounds and how do you deal with having to make friends all over again each you move? Then there’s added challenge of parenting from overseas.

Revealing Your Authentic Self

Ramaa Sharma is an executive coach, artist and leadership strategist. A BBC high-flyer before taking an independent route, she now specialises in helping others embrace authentic leadership. Please note that Ramaa shares her personal experiences about her journey on this path including grief and baby loss.

Breaking Through Burnout

Sharon Aneja ended up in some pretty tough situations but how did she use her experiences to tackle her own burnout and start up her business helping others deal with theirs?

Digital Security, Footprints and Disaster Preparedness

Leigh Honeywell is founder of digital security company Tall Poppy and shares the highs and lows of building a tech company from scratch but what has piqued her interest in disaster preparedness and housing advocacy

Wolves, Storytelling, Fear and Play

Erica Berry is the author of Wolfish: Wolf, Self, and the Stories We Tell About Fear. But her nature memoir stands out as it delves into the role of the wolf in global narratives and culture, and her own relationship with stories.

Saving Money and Celebrity Interviews

Genevieve Hassan is the host of the podcast Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did but how does she apply stringent journalistic quality to everything she does? And Genevieve knows how to save the pennies but could you take the extreme actions she has?

A Daughter of the Diaspora and the Many Faces of Grief

Hewete Haileselassie is a communications specialist who shares a candid look at how community can be important for grief. Taking pride in her Ethiopian heritage, Hewete is clearly a daughter of the diaspora, but just how has that shaped the way she navigates life?

Being a Creative ‘Genre Bender’

Ace Ambrose is a self-proclaimed ‘Genre Bender’ who loves Dr Who and crossing barriers in a bid to create in a multitude of forms. But possessing a chronic condition means Ace often has to navigate life in unusual ways.

The Thrill of Chasing Migrating Whales

Doreen Cunningham is the author of Soundings: Journeys in the Company of Whales. She follows the migratory patterns of the bowhead whales but what did this adventure teach her about motherhood and the non-human?