Captivate Podcasts

Cutting Through Pseudoscience and Patriarchy

Angela Saini has been hailed as one of the world’s greatest modern thinkers but how is this science journalist and author of The Patriarchs tackling misinformation and disinformation?

Transformations While Travelling

Shayla Lawson is a poet, performance artist and author of How to Live Free in a Dangerous World but what does their decolonial travel memoir teach us about how to embrace every aspect of life?

Dating, Disability and Activism

Disability activist and journalist Lucy Webster is the author behind memoir A View From Down Here and is intent on creating a fairer and more equitable world but how is she going about it?

The Power of Your Name

Sheela Banerjee is the author of ‘What’s in a Name? Friendship, Identity and History in Modern Multicultural Britain’ but what has she learned about how names reflect so much more than words?

Mapping a Country’s Wildlife History

Lee Raye is an author, academic and wildlife expert who spent years researching their encyclopaedic book The Atlas of Early Modern Wildlife. But what is about slow-worms that brings joy and how do they embrace their non-binary identity in academia?

Have You Thought About Trailer Season Three

Have You Thought About returns for a third season with creator and host Dhruti Shah interviewing Angela Saini, Maddy Savage, Sheela Bannerjee, Lee Raye, Shayla Lawson and Lucy Webster about how they all navigate life and their top passions.

How to Make Friends When Moving Overseas

Ali Shaw is a senior producer working at the BBC. But is foreign news producing as glamourous as it sounds and how do you deal with having to make friends all over again each you move? Then there’s added challenge of parenting from overseas.

Revealing Your Authentic Self

Ramaa Sharma is an executive coach, artist and leadership strategist. A BBC high-flyer before taking an independent route, she now specialises in helping others embrace authentic leadership. Please note that Ramaa shares her personal experiences about her journey on this path including grief and baby loss.

Breaking Through Burnout

Sharon Aneja ended up in some pretty tough situations but how did she use her experiences to tackle her own burnout and start up her business helping others deal with theirs?