I am a talented writer with experience in a variety of fields. I have been involved in journalism since I was teenager and writing is my passion. I have a huge wealth of experience and have reported on many different subjects in a variety of styles. I started my journalism career in local newspapers before transitioning to writing for a global audience. I have authored many creative pieces and have taken on many beats and specialisms.

Called the wrong name at work? Awkward...
When a colleague told me my name autocorrected to Dorito and they were seconds away from calling me a tortilla…


How to become an 'elastic thinker' and problem solver
Why your mind should be like a rubber band. Every day at the Alliance Rubber Company’s factory in Hot Springs,…


How did my cheap shoes lead to peace?
In the grand scheme of things, they are pretty ugly shoes: brown, fake leather, with three buckle straps and a sole and heel…


The 'brown girls' out to conquer Instagram
There’s a sisterhood emerging on Instagram and it’s one made up of young women from around the globe who proudly identify as…


The place where dead eagles are given a new life
“The eagle is America’s national bird but when these revered creatures die, who takes care to ensure they end up in the right hands?


Arab Spring: 'It was the first time I felt I belonged'
It has been a year like no other for those living in the countries involved in the Arab Spring. Sparked by the death of a fruit…


'People come for the selfies but won't pay $2 for pizza'
For many businesses, becoming a viral hit is a dream scenario but what happens after you’re no longer flavour of the week?


Culture wars: why attack heritage?
The flames from the book bonfires burned high as the words of the intellectuals, the innovators, once committed to paper,…


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